Data and Government Openness

Since 2011, I have been working to promote open government through open data and access to records, with a particular interest in how records and archives management practices can improve open government data.

As part of this work, I convened the Government Records Management and Citizens’ Access to Information Policy Lab at the Integrity Action Summer School, Central European University, Budapest, in July 2013. I led the development of the UK’s commitment on records management for its second Open Government Partnership national action plan (2013) and I convened the public meeting to draft text on information integrity for the UK’s Open Government Partnership Manifesto (2014). I was a member of the (UK) Home Office Access to Police Records Working Group (2014-2015), which was a response to the Hillsborough disaster and made recommendations on the management of police records. In 2015, I convened the Government Secrecy in the Era of Openness ACARM Symposium, 19 June 2015, Senate House, University of London, and I authored a Summit Series of blog posts for the Open Government Partnership on Information Integrity (2016).

My work in this area has also included my doctoral research in University College London’s Department of Information Studies, resulting in a thesis called Addressing Information Asymmetries in the Social Contract: An Archival-Diplomatic Approach to Open Government Data Curation, supervised by Elizabeth Shepherd, Andrew Flinn and Elizabeth Lomas. In 2018, I spoke about this research before members of the House of Lords. While a student at UCL, I worked as graduate research assistant for the multinational, interdisciplinary research project InterPARES Trust, resulting in an Open Data Literature Review.

Relevant journal articles and book chapters include:

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Relevant conference and seminar presentations include:

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